Oil Pump

            Pump body casting

            Pump cover

            Cover to body screws

            Gear shaft

            Pump gears pair

            Key gear to shaft

            Skew gear

            Woodruff key skew gear to shaft

            Nut skew gear to shaft


Water Pump

            Main body casting

            Cover casting

            Impeller casting

            Water pump bush

            Gland/ seal nut

            Pump shaft

            Square coupling

            Lip seal

            Thrust button

            Thrust lock nut


Supercharger Drive

            Main case


            Set gears  standard 1.1:1

            Set gears overdriven 1.22:1

            Single  gear for overdriven 1.375:1

            Output shaft cover plate

            Output shaft seal plate

            Input shaft bearing housing

            Starting handle detent housing

            Starting handle detent spring

            Starting handle detent ball

            Starting handle detent bolt

            Output flange

            Output flange woodruff key

            Input shaft

            Input shaft key two off

            Starting handle dogs pair

            Bearings standard step up

            Bearings overdriven step up

            Output shaft lip seal


Step Up Drive

            Main body casting

            Backing plate

            Studs body to backing plate


            Retainer collar

            Retainer collar lock

            Step up gears pair

            Output flange

            Riveted studs

            Woodruff key

            Bearing end of cam

            Bearings shaft


            Preload sleeve


Oil Filter Assembly

            Oil filter base

            Oil filter body

            Wing nut and through bolt

            Filter element


Scavenge Pipe

            Large banjos 16mmX16mm

            Copper pipe

            M16 banjo bolts

            Aluminium washers


Pressure Pipe

            Banjo 16mmX12mm

            Copper pipe

            12mm nipple and nut

            M16 banjo bolt

            Aluminium washers


Oil Gallery

            12mm nipple and nut

            12mm X 12mm X 12mm tee piece

            9mm X 12mm closed banjos

            9mm X 12mm through banjos

            Copper pipe


Front Main Link Pipe

            9mm X 10mm closed banjo

            Copper pipe


Oil Gallery Bolts

            Single banjo bolt

            Banjo bolt with oil pressure gauge tapping

            Double oil banjo bolt

            Short single oil banjo bolt front main

            Aluminium 9mm washers



            Sump casting

            Breather elbows

            Breather caps

            Oil pick up plate

            Oil drain plate

            Oil drain plug

            Sump baffle centre

            Sump baffle end

            Gauze screen centre

            Gauze screen ends

            Screen and baffle bolts

            Tubes or dummy tubes

            Tube wedges



            Block studs

            Main bearing studs large

            Castle nut for above

            Main bearing studs small

            Castle nut for above

            Centre main cap

            End main caps

            Cross shaft studs

            Vertical drive studs

            Vertical drive cover studs & crescent washers

            Nuts for above

            Oil gallery plug

            Oil filter base studs

            Nuts for above

            Supercharger drive studs


Compression Plate   


Vertical Drive Tower


Cross Shaft Assembly

            Cross shaft closed end cap

            Cross shaft open end cap

            Cross shaft

            Skew gear hidural

            Preload setting sleeves two off

            Angular contact bearings

            Lip seal


Lower Vertical Drive Shaft

            Main body casting


            Body bush

            Cap bush

            Skew gear height washer

            Skew gear steel

            Bevel gear

            Dog coupling

            Cotter pin

            Nut for above


Rear Main Seal Assembly

            Rear main seal housing

            Rear main seal

            Rear main seal fasteners



            Roller bearing c/shaft with rods

            Shell  bearing c/shaft five main

            Shell bearing rods

            Main bearing shells

            Big end bearing shells

            Nose gear

            Laminated coupling



            Fly wheel standard

            Flywheel nut

            Flywheel nut locking ring

            Flywheel shell bearing type

            Flywheel bolts

            Spigot bearing housing

            Spigot bearing


Blocks (2 / engine)

            Block casting

            Closing plate

            Closing plate tube bolts

            Inlet valves

            Exhaust valves

            Inlet valve guides

            Exhaust valve guides

            Inlet spring caps

            Inlet valve spring seats

            Exhaust valve caps

            Exhaust valve spring seats

            Inlet valve spring inner

            Exhaust valve spring inner

            Inlet cotters

            Exhaust cotters

            Angle drain elbow front block

            Drain plug

            Inlet manifold studs

            Exhaust manifold studs

            Brass exhaust manifold nuts


Water Manifolds

            Water manifold cross pipe

            Water manifold

            Water manifold reaction piece

            Long studs

            Castle nut for above

            Waisted studs

            Castle nut for above

            Short stud

            Castle nut for above


Exhaust Manifolds Front & Rear

            Manifold blank

            Manifold flanges

            Downpipe flanges


Inlet Manifolds



Inlet “Y” Manifold

            Manifold casting

            Blow off housing casting

            Blow off valve

            Blow off valve spring

            Blow off valve studs

            Castle nut for above

            Charge pipe studs

            Nuts for above

            Charge pipe stub



            Main body casting

            End plates

            End covers


Charge Pipe

            Charge pipe T35B size

            Charge pipe T51 size


Supercharger Drive Shaft

            Taper coupling

            Woodruff key

            Square drive coupling

            Drive shaft

            Leather discs


            Quadrant bolts

            Castle nuts for above

            Castle nuts s/charger to drive shaft




Supercharger Oil Jets

            Jet body

            Needle valve

            Gland nut

            Lever and nut



            Cam box casting

            Cam box lid casting

            Inlet rockers

            Exhaust rockers

            Rocker locating studs

            Brass nuts for above

            Cambox plugs

            Inlet rocker shaft inc treaded end & plug

            Exhaust  rocker shaft inc treaded end & plug

            Rocker shaft bolts


            Bevel gear

            Vertical drive studs

            Castle nuts for above

            Front cover plate as standard

            Breather elbow

            Breather cap

            Front cover plate bolts

            Water elbows


Upper Vertical Drive

            Brass body

            Thrust washer

            Bevel gear

            Dog coupling

            Cotter pin

            Nut for above

            Stepped mounting washers


Camshaft Oil Feed Pipe

            7mm banjos

            9mm X10mm banjo

            10mm X 10mm X 10mm tee

            Copper pipe

            7mm banjo bolts


Supercharger Drive Oil Feed Pipe

            7mm banjos

            10mm X 10mm X 10mm tee

            Copper pipe

            7mm banjo bolts

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