Main casting

            Layshaft end cover

            Input end cover

            Cover studs

            Nut for above

            Selector tower

            Selector tower lid

            Selector tower studs

            Nut for above

            Selector tower end cover

            Countersunk screws

            Constant mesh gears pair

            First gear layshaft

            Second gear layshaft

            Third gear layshaft

            First second sliding gear

            Third top sliding gear

            Reverse idler gear

            Reverse idler shaft

            Layshaft with keys and nuts

            Input shaft

            Input shaft flange

            Output shaft flange

            Taper roller adapter sleeve

            Sleeve stepped bolts

            Taper roller preload collar

            Output shaft taper rollers

            Output shaft seal

            Seal cover plate

            Cover plate screws

            Spigot bearing input to output shafts

            Input shaft bearing

            Input shaft seal

            Layshaft bearing

            Detent housing

            Detent springs

            Detent balls

            First second selector rail

            Third top selector rail

            Reverse selector rail

            First second selector

            Third top selector

            Reverse selector

            Selector lock bolts M8

            Reverse idler shaft lock bolt

            Torque arm bracket


Gearbox Mounting


            Castle nut for above

            Bolt with castle nut long

            Castle nut for above


Gearbox Lid

            Gearbox lid casting

            Filler nut


Gear Lever

            Gear lever

            Gear lever tube

            Slave lever

            Tube bushes

            Reverse lock out pawl

            Nut for above

            Reverse lock out actuating rod

            Reverse lock out actuating collar

            Reverse lock out button

            Reverse lock out spring

            Gear lever gate



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