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When presented with a car with a continuous history over many years, it remains our policy to repair, refurbish or restore original components rather than fit new parts to it. As a result we have become experts in the reclaimation of broken castings and damaged body work using modern machining and welding techniques.


Our desire to restore cars to as near to their original specification as possible has led us to invest in high quality pattern work and the forging of dies to produce parts identical to the Molsheim originals.


This has included, with the help of a major northern forging company and its desire for an exhibition centre piece, the production of hollow front axles, forged in the original manner, initially considered impossible. We are now able to reproduce exacting examples of Ettore's finest Type 35B Grand Prix cars.


Ettore Bugatti and his work force produced cars that reflectd their pride and passion but as the cars left the factory gate they began a journey not merely in miles but in time, a journey where many custodians left their own indelible mark on that vehicle. Occasionally we are allowed to resurrect a car that carries its history with dignity and in these cases we return the car to the peak of mechanical fitness while retaining the patina and soul for future generations to appreciate.


This approach, the conservation rather than restoration of a car, was pioneered by Ivan Dutton through the sixties and seventies on his own cars when it was not the fashion and it was first applied within the business to a Type 35, KPF 3, in the mid-eighties. Since then the value of this approach has become recognised worldwide as the correct way to treat historically important cars.

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